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Fast Facts

MGO: Making Profittable Solutions on the GO

MGO Today

From its beginnings as a software development company in the early 1990s, MGO Group has grown into a global project management, offering planning, engineering and deployment services to clients overseas.

Today, MGO is an industry leader in project management and the development and deployment of services for large-scale, complex projects with multidisciplinary participation.

The philosophy is to provide customized services or turnkey solution and products to each client, recognizing that each project is unique and therefore will require a unique approach.

To maintain an edge in consulting services, the company offers a bonus to each employee and associate for every project. This strategy assures a high degree of trust and productivity among the crew, while at the same time offering a lower time-to-market.

MGO Mission and Vision

MGO Mission: to be a leader in the development, marketing and deployment of enhanced project management and expert consulting services.

MGO Vision: to use expert technology innovation and to satisfy new challenges with it.

Our Privacy Policy

To respect the privacy rights of our clients and their personal information. Our Privacy Policy is followed strictly and affects the way we collect and use client personal information required in our professional business. It defines our ongoing commitment to protecting privacy rights as set out in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

MGO is always checking that its staff embrace proper values, and provides the expertise and technical level that is required by its clients.